Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oak Buffet

The drawer front molding will be removed for repair. A pattern will be made of the right side, flipped so that it will give the correct profile for the left side, and then carved.

The top is showing too much damage. I will have to strip it first. Then finish it back in the yellow golden oak so it will match the rest of the work.

The top is ready to go.

The original look was a very yellow golden oak. Inner work of the drawer sockets was done to give the drawers a smooth pull out and push in.

The first glaze step will be wiped as it drys.

First glaze (burnt umber), sealed. Second glaze (black), sealed. 3 coats of full gloss finish, 1 coat of semi-gloss, and final coat of flat finish. The inside section was painted antique white first so that finish could be applied giving it a furniture feel too.

Finished piece has been returned to its home.

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