Monday, August 9, 2010

Stepback Cupboard, Pine/Poplar

Before and after....Pine/Poplar Stepback Cupboard. The finished piece has been hand rubbed to produce a warm glow and a silky smooth touch fitting for any grand setting.

Stripping by hand because the top board at the stepback is one board wide. Dipping process with water wash would be quicker but this board would have split. Above, the piece has been stripped, scraped clean, and sanded 150g then 180g.

While one door is being glazed, the others are hazing over as they dry. Each side is done and the glaze sealed as the surface drys. The two contrasting colors between coats of sealer sets off the wood grain, and adds depth and warmth to the piece.

Glazing process: glaze color on top of a full sealer coat over a NGR stain.

Beaded pine boards used for the back panel. They were stripped clean, sanded 180g, primed, painted, 3 coats of gloss finish, sanded 400g, final coat flat finish. This gives the painted areas the same furniture feel as the stained areas. All surfaces hand rubbed and polished.

Sanding between coats of finish.

After and before...Pine/Poplar Stepback Cupboard.

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