Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walnut Dining Table

This walnut dining table came into the shop in late December requiring some structural alterations to fit the need of the owner. The table was built in the mid 1960's by a local amateur woodworker.We begin with cutting back the 1-1/2 inch by 6 inch frame to give clearance for the knees to move under the table. We also split the donut shape base so extensions could be added. The original set up accommodated one leaf using a slide cleat. The table and one leaf had only been finished on one side. Each top section was reconstructed to relieve as much cupping as possible. The original leaf was also cut, and then crossed cut shallow, clamped flat, and filled with epoxy resign.

With the table extensions attached and both leaves fitted, the stroke sander helped to level the top surface.

During the finishing process, the table is allowed to dry dull after applying grain filler.

The finished table has been delivered to its new home.
Notice the cut back structure through the chair
backs that allow the knees to slide under the
table with comfort.

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